Retail Shoes

Diabetics aren’t the only ones who need good shoes. Your feet bear the weight of your entire body all day, every day; don’t they deserve a home that is spacious and comfortable? Studies have shown that a majority of Americans (particularly women) wear shoes that are too small or too narrow for their feet. The average shoe size for American men is a size 10.5 and for American women is a size 9 (up from the 1970s average of a size 7). Unfortunately, not many shoe manufacturers have responded to the “growing” trend in shoe size or are hesitant to provide a large number of specialty sizes in case they do not sell. CCFA is here to help!

The shoe manufacturers we work with are happy to provide a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes to fit every foot. They offer sizes from women’s size 4 to size 13 and men’s size 4 to size 16!

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