Sterishoe Sterilizers

Sterishoe is a safe, easy, and convenient way to ensure your feet – and inside of your shoes – stay healthy and clean!

The fact is that we all have sweaty feet. Did you know that a human foot sweats up to eight ounces each day? The sweat creates a breeding ground in your shoes for the microbes that cause toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, and foot odors.

The doctors at Central Carolina Foot and Ankle use SteriShoes in post treatment to prevent re-infection. It is scientifically proven that footwear is a source of infection and re-infection for toenail fungus. We recommend the SteriShoe shoe sanitizer as a chemical free method to kill fungi and fungal spores in your shoes, and also maintain healthy feet after your treatment.

SteriShoe UV sanitizers are recommended for people with diabetes to be proactive about the health of their feet, as well as to control Athlete’s foot and shoe odors.

To learn more about SteriShoe UV Sanitzer click here.

Read this letter regarding how the SteriShoe Sanitizer stacks up against the ShUVee deodorizer.

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